Gustavo Petro nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize: “It promotes a creative peace policy”

President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro

Published at: 01/02/2024 06:43 PM

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2024, for his actions aimed at resolving, through dialogue, conflicts and reducing violence.

The president thanked the nomination for this important award, made by the deputy of the Green Party in the Norwegian Parliament, Rasmus Hansson, who considers it an inspiration for the world, highlighting his work for peace.

“I thank Rasmus Hansson for nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize. We will continue with everything we have for peace in Colombia,” Petro said in his account on the social network X.

Hansson said that the Colombian head of state “promotes a creative, modern and comprehensive peace policy. He shows in practice that dialogue with armed actors can be an effective means of resolving conflicts and reducing violence.”

He highlighted that the South American leader is committed to inclusive negotiations, in which women, young people, indigenous people and marginalized groups also participate.

Mazo News Team