GNB seized 2.34 kilos of drugs during a search in “La Mínima” in Carabobo

The GNB contributes to maintaining the new prison system in the country
Photo: GNB

Published at: 23/01/2024 09:30 AM

Officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) working together with personnel from the Ministry of Penitentiary Services seized 2 kilos 34 grams of drugs during a search in the, better known as “the minimum”.

According to reports from this military component, during the procedure, the uniformed officers detected one kilo 260 grams of marijuana and one kilo 85 grams of cocaine.

In addition, inside the prison, the uniformed officers detected 190 telephones, 200 phone chargers, 140 packs of cigarettes, 180 packs of chimó, 320 tinderboxes.

They also detected 10 kitchen snails, 18 sound horns, 4 digital weights and 14 portable Wi-Fi devices.

Mazo News Team