Get to know the new script in MariCori's “electoral” plan

María Con Ira Machado
Courtesy Internet

Published at: 07/02/2024 10:00 PM

Valle Arriba Golf Course,

February 07, 202

Patriota Valle Arriba Country Club

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooo! Here I am at the club drinking a mimosa while I write to you, by the way, what do you drink when you get stressed, gordis, don't tell me that cardboard with lemon.

Look at Diosdi! , things are still bad with Cori. On the domestic political level, Cori no longer has anything else to do. The Unitary Platform gradually disintegrates in his own hands, and that is the fact that Cori is like that, since he was young he has always been the blood of a bed bug and a group breaker.

I remember that when we went skiing I took a different path from those of the group in order to go the other way, it's Cori being Cori. Speaking to the party's advisors, the plan is to exhaust the international route . That is why the famous Venezuelan protests in the world, where it seems that Cori is not taking the accounts, if she herself says that more than seven million Venezuelans left in the migration and only manages to bring together between 20 and 30 people in some cities, my poor friend, is becoming evident, it's like when she offered that four million Venezuelans would register abroad to vote for her and did not reach one hundred thousand. Although Gordis, my friend already lost her compass, how can it occur to her to say that now more than three million voted in the primary, Diosdado Joséeeeeeeeeeee please, I don't understand her. Following the new script, in the next few days we will see Cori with many more interviews in international media, he will continue to activate his friends from the IDEA group and the Freedom and Democracy group, of which unfortunately a member, former President Piñera , left yesterday, may he rest in peace, but the jewel in the crown is the support of his friends the Republicans, who today looked very badly on the famous round table in Congress, Cori knows that he did not have a plenary session and that the Democrats played ugly in him. Carlos Blanco and Pedro Uchurrutu are trying to do damage control and reverse this coup from which bipartisan participation and declaration were expected.

Diosdi, listen to me, since the international situation is not going so well either, let's say, two things are coming: the first thing is that they will start holding small demonstrations in Caracas to demand the release of the three members of Vente who, you know, are involved in the conspiracy against Nico Maduro. These people don't understand that they were used as cannon fodder for Cori's victimization plan, this task was entrusted to Helen Fernández. The second thing that comes is self-aggression, creating situations of violence to say that they are government collectives, the Chavista hordes, keep an eye on those cute little eyes because that is the international narrative.

God of José eeeeeee. For now, as my friend Chávez said, the replacement of Cori, even if it is trending in public opinion, is something that is not assumed within the organization. The narrative is that there is no substitute for not discouraging many of the radical followers. The serious problem now comes to Cori, is that her abstention plan is also crumbling internally because along the way she has fallen in love with several political leaders who aspire to participate in the 2025 general election and know that if they take the path of abstaining in the presidential election they will not have life in the next scenario, one of them is Elías Sayegh who is beginning to regret having betrayed the children of the Neighborhood Force. Baby, I inform you that Cori has his own G6, Osea, hellloooouuuu, the most key thing is spoken only in that closed group where Magalli, Perkins Rochas, Teresa Albanes, Henri Alviares, Pedro Urruchurtu and Carlos Blanco are present, then I'll tell you.

As always, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab.

Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.

I'll keep writing to you...