Foreign Minister Yván Gil thanks Brazil's social movements for solidarity with Venezuela

Message sent from the social network X
Courtesy Internet

Published at: 03/04/2024 04:18 PM

From the social network X, the Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil thanked Brazil's social movements for their solidarity with the country in relation to the current political situation.

“On behalf of President @NicolasMaduro, we express our gratitude to Brazilian popular movements for their solidarity in this message that rigorously analyzes the political situation in Venezuela and urges respect for our people and their legitimate right to self-determination,” he wrote.

The text was published together with the images of the document signed and sent by members of the social movements in Brazil, in which they highlight how Venezuela has been attacked by the United States with blockades and unilateral sanctions.

In addition, they express the reliability of the Venezuelan electoral system and the registration of 13 candidates by the political opposition for the presidential election on July 28 of this year.

Mazo News Team