FANB seized 98 kilos of marijuana in Amazonas

The FANB remains deployed fighting drug trafficking
Photo: @Dhernandezlarez

Published at: 24/04/2024 10:19 AM

As part of Operation Fog 2024, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) seized 98 kilos of marijuana in the Atabapo municipality of the state of Amazonas.

This was reported by the Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB, G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez, who explained that the drugs, divided into 133 pots, were transported hidden in a boat.

For this fact, two Colombian citizens were arrested, who confessed that they intended to bring drugs to the Maroa municipality of the said entity.

Venezuela is a territory of peace, law and justice, we are not producers or consumers of drugs and our sacred soil will not be allowed to be used as a platform for drug trafficking by TANCOL groups,” said the senior military official in his X account.

Mazo News Team