FANB destroyed new illegal mining camp in Amazonas

The FANB remains deployed fighting illegal mining in our national parks
Photo: @Dhernandezlarez

Published at: 26/04/2024 10:03 AM

In the “Mina Morichalito” sector of the state of Amazonas, a camp used for illegal mining was destroyed by members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

This was reported by the strategic operational commander of the FANB, G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez, who explained that in the aforementioned space the uniformed personnel detected and destroyed three 13.5 HP motorcycle bombs; a plastic container containing 220 liters of gasoline; a freezer; a cable television system (Directv); a 6-cylinder engine; two hydropneumatic hammers; 200 kilos of food; other logistic materials.

“National parks and forest reserves must be protected by all citizens as a constitutional right and duty,” said the senior military officer in his X account.

Mazo News Team