Everyone is fleeing! This is how gringos and the PUD seek to save themselves from the Maricori shipwreck

They report that the opposition Machado is very disoriented

Published at: 21/02/2024 10:44 PM

Valle Arriba Golf Course, February 21, 2024

Patriota Valle Arriba Country Club

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooooo! Here I am still sunburned, it's just that I went to Club Camurí for carnivals with Magalli, you know the replacement for Cori and well, I went over tanned, by the way, where did you go to rest, at the club everyone asked me about you with those rumors that something had happened to you, anyway, I checked your WhatsApp and when I saw your last time of connection I knew that you were fine, but don't neglect yourself baby, look that when the river sounds it's because some rock brings.

Godsdiiiiiiiiii this is so cool on our anniversary. Seriously, this program should last at least 20 more years, if El Mazo goes off the air our life will be super boring, who will talk about my friend Cori. Baby, please give a hug to the whole Mazo team and a big kiss to all my visionaries, so I sent them a little gift from their friend Sifri, by the way, stop calling me toxic because I'm going to believe you like me, well, that's what Cori says, that you mess with her because you like her, please stop calling me toxic because you like it.

Well, pretty eyes, you know that my BFF Cori is very disoriented. This week she issued instructions to develop two strategic lines, the first is to sell that she is prepared and ready to negotiate with Chavismo, baby, the truth is that she wants to be invited to one of those negotiating tables, even if it's a rice cooker, Diosdi, can't you invent a day of negotiation and invite her? Who can imagine that Cori is serious if a year ago she told me that there is no water in Chavism, the truth is my friend is getting lost in the infinity of the ocean.

The second line consists of evaluating the profile of Magalli Meda and the communicational impact that her possible designation would have, so starting in the month of March we will see Magalli much more active, but I'll tell you something baby Gerber, when we were in Camurí, all the fine people who were there approached Magalli and treated her as if she were the presidential candidate, so let me tell you that she didn't dislike that, on the contrary, I found her very pleasant. Baby, it's the dead mosquito herself taking steps, I approached only to realize that she's not who Cori believes and she'll end up betraying her, you'll see. Diosdi, Magalli walks around what her husband, a lazy son of Jorge Olavarría (we all know each other here in the country), says, baby that guy doesn't love Cori much, he's always had envy and resentment.

Diosdado José, listen to me, Cori invented the thing about touring the country, because she is seeing that her international strategies are not working, unfortunately she has exhausted the international community with her intensity. My Greek and European friends have told him that without force in the street it is impossible to insist on his behalf. Cori is still betting on a miracle, while preparing the ground in case it is time to appoint Magalli, although Cori has not yet drawn up an account, grandpa Ramos Allup has said that if Magalli is the candidate he will withdraw his support for the PUD.

As if that were not enough, Cori and Gerardo Blyde had a strong argument over Cori's request to change the delegates of the negotiating team, Gerardo refused to do so, arguing that they had done a great job and that the other party would not accept it at this point, that's why the boy was so hysterical in his statements, he was supposed to play radical in front of Cori.

Diosdi, Gerardo was hurtful to Cori, he told her that the representation at the Mexico/Barbados negotiating table corresponds to the unitary platform and that she, Cori, has never wanted to support the PUD and rather criticizes them on a daily basis. Definitely the relationship between PUD and Cori is like yours and mine, very toxic, love me but I don't want you, together but not mixed up, the discomfort is widespread and that bomb will explode at any moment.

I got away with the rabipelado and he told me that in the Unitary Platform they walk like gypsies, without headquarters. But because they are losing money to each separate game, so Ángelo Palmeri's chorillo cannot touch the money of the other parties, now the fruits demand that they must send photos and assistance lists of everything they do to be able to pay them, these reports are pure montage as the rabble says.

He also told me that all the PUD parties approved going to the protest at the Spanish Embassy to demand the release of the prisoners and that of Rocío San Miguel, but as you can see in the photo of the Rabbi, there were only 4 pelagatos.

As always, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab. Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.