Diosdado Cabello: Good times of joy and unity are coming for the People of Zulia

“We have proposed very specific things for Zulia's attention,” said Cabello
Con El Mazo Dando

Published at: 16/04/2024 06:16 PM

On the occasion of the various difficulties faced by the state of Zulia, in particular in matters of public services, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello Rondón, emphasized that the national president “is very concerned about the Zulia issue, very concerned”.

“It's not in vain that he sends his ministers here and we have raised very specific things for Zulia's attention and the President has demonstrated and given instructions to the vice-president (Delcy Rodríguez) for immediate attention,” he stressed.

He emphasized that he is certain that “good times are coming for Zulia, times of joy and unity for this people.

The statement was made by Cabello, at the end of the telephone contact held by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, during the meeting of the PSUV board of directors in the state of Zulia.

“Let us fulfill what the President (Maduro) said, that on April 16, it will become a turning point in politics in the state of Zulia, a point of rupture with groups and divisions,” he said.

He also said that “I insist on this and I will continue to insist on each meeting, because sometimes, we already have four or five meetings, and I still see symptoms, I am really critical, forgive me, but I see symptoms of not understanding the background (of the situations)”.

“If I have been able to perceive it (...) when talking to a person, imagine what I haven't been able to perceive, because I haven't had the opportunity to talk to others (people),” he explained.

Mazo News Team