Did it come to the end? Machado begins to feel the breeze of loneliness (+Juan González)

Opponent María Corina Machado
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Published at: 21/02/2024 10:29 PM

February 21st, 2024

White House East Wing from Washington by Diosdado Cabello

Patriot VIP

My friend Diosdado, how are you? , Brother, I am writing to you from the east wing of The White House to congratulate the entire Mazo team on this tenth anniversary, I also want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be able to convey to our deckers the truth of what is happening in that underworld that opposes extremism, stateless and decadent.

Bro! , some little birds are out there believing that those of us who write these letters are “inventions of your imagination”, but this is very easy to know. If we don't exist, you should ask your friends at La Casa Blanca and Quinta Bejucal why they have tightened security controls and have even designated exclusive equipment to monitor what is broadcast every Wednesday on this program minute by minute. They're undercover and they know we're breathing down their necks.

Let's get into the matter, the slogan “whoever messes with Venezuela dries up”, claimed another victim: Juan González, Joe Biden's principal advisor for Latin America. Once the news broke that in two weeks he will resign from office, the Venezuelan extremist pack broke out in attacks against this US official. That's the way they are, they pay poorly because just a few days ago they were harassing him and begging for interviews and hearings, gringos don't learn.

The communication operators of Leopoldo López and Mrs. Machado, accuse González of “giving all the concessions to Maduro”, please, because they don't say that Juan González could not lift a finger without the authorization of his boss and mentor Joe Biden. In their delirium, these extremist mouths claim that González is an agent of Chavism, the madness of these people has no limits. Brother! , The real reason for the attack on González is that they are not able to attack Biden directly, because they would lose their privileges here in the White House. Now they invent that González's successor comes with a radical military line against Maduro, poor people! The Biden administration will maintain its policy of continuing to negotiate directly with the Venezuelan government, because among other things, they know how corrupt that opposition is and how dislocated they are.

Bro! , Francisco Palmieri recently phoned the leaders of the so-called G-4, and reiterated that “the opposition must go to the presidential elections by 2024” and a plan for the replacement of Mrs. Machado must be discussed immediately. Palmieri affirms that in any negotiation there are points that can be achieved and others that cannot (in reference to Mrs. Machado). For gringos and Europeans, political and personal whim is not enough to justify abandoning the electoral route. Palmieri has called for restraint and political height. Remember this phrase “THE US SUPPORTS THE PROCESS, NOT A PARTICULAR CANDIDATE”, and I picked up the same thing from a source in Brussels.

As part of Leopoldo López's business with Mark Green (former head of USAID when Guaidó was at the forefront of the country's robbery), today they held an event at the Think Tank Wilson Center, you know, the same one that financed part of the electoral cotillion of the fraudulent primary and for which at some point they will have to respond. The event was moderated by Leopoldo López, with opening remarks by the evil William Brownfield, and closing remarks by Narco-Duque. Mark Fierstein, former National Security Advisor for the Western Hemisphere to Obama, also spoke, who is still the Democratic lobbyist of Mrs. Machado, but he is losing strength, at the event he sold Machado as “the best alternative that Maduro has to negotiate some kind of transition or immunity”, and in the White House they hear him less and less.

On another subject, one of my co-workers at Quinta Bejucal informed me that the recent meeting between Gerardo Blyde and Jorge Rodríguez sparked the cries of Mrs. Machado, first of all because this meeting was authorized by representatives of the United States, Machado is very nervous, she is already beginning to feel the breeze of loneliness, the G-4 parties and the Biden administration itself will not accompany her until the end, ayyyyy my chair aaaaaaaaaa!

Brother! , Mrs. Machado is clear that she will not be a candidate even for the Country Club's board of directors. She knows it, the parties have told her, the gringos have told her, her own leaders have told her. The cards are drawn, we will go to elections and in the G-4 they continue to sing their song: “tic, tac, tic, tac, on the platform the sayona has a substitute NOW”.

Bro, remember that I am your fine and important friend, change and go.

Happy Anniversary, may it be 40 more years.

Mazo News Team