Desperate! María Con Ira trusts no one and insists on going to the cliff

Cori is on a crusade for love and peace.

Published at: 31/01/2024 09:55 PM

Hello Gordooooooooooooooooooo! Here I am tanning in the club pool while reading my magazine Hello! From high society, by the way, do you get a tan too? , don't tell me you're doing it in the river with the mosquitoes, gordis, do they sell society magazines in the Furrial?

Very sweet coconut! , I have news for you. Cori is on a crusade for love and peace. She is calling a lot of people to touch hearts, she called me so that we can be reconciled, remember that when she started to become a craz and I moved away a little. She asked me to become active again in the game and to accompany her more to the events. Well my gordis, I'm actually the closest thing she has to loyalty. Well, baby, my friend Cori feels very lonely, in her moments of clarity she knows that she is walking straight to the cliff just as I have been telling you since day one. She trusts no one and knows that “allied” parties will abandon her at any time.

God, the procession goes inside. I had no escape, I couldn't say no to my friend from the Merici Academy. On Monday I accompanied the Cori press conference, then we met in Bejucal, the headquarters of Vente. In other words, hellloooouuuu, we are not well, one thing is what appears on social networks and expensive interviews, another very different from reality. Although the advisors tell Cori that he must continue to “tighten the rope” to reach the end, at that meeting some “allied” parties, mainly First Justice and Citizen Encuentro, brought to the table the need for a plan B and spoke of building a consensus because it is difficult for Cori to achieve the objective. Obviously, when someone touches on the succession thing, those loyal to Cori must put on a bad face and avoid the issue because it is playing the game of the regime. The communication focus is on asking for and replicating international support because that is the only option left for Cori. In this regard, some of the heads of Convergence and Emerging People commented “let's hope that María Corina doesn't end up like Guaidó, exiled and ending people's hope.” Drink, I was there, I listened to it without intermediaries.

Speaking of Emerging People, this is Cori's key card, then I'll tell you about her connections with a businessman who sponsors her, don't lose sight of him.

God! , My Sis Cori is not doing the right calculations. The moment we went to smoke, Cori told me “I'm not going to transfer anything, I'm the candidate”. Her only objective at this time is to move the strident voices of the international community under the excuse that she is the undisputed leader of the opposition and the only candidate, but can my friend Cori reconcile reality with fiction? , I'm worried about what might happen when “allies” leave her alone, how are you going to keep this narrative out? On Tuesday I was playing paddle tennis with some friends of Dianita D'Agostino, Ramos Allup's wife, they told me that grandpa will not enter the abstention game and will stay away from Cori. Poor little Ramos Allup, he was left without an office because Prosperi left him on the street. In that same gossip, a friend very close to Henrique Capriles approached us and what they call “First Madness”, she told me that Requesens is very upset with the party, because he has had to look for jobs online to survive and meet his needs, by the way, he wants to take revenge on Julio Borges. Eyes like that they are, they use people and discard them.

It's not surprising. Baby, please oooooooooooo. A very close friend told me that a senior leader of the Unitary Platform was accusing Jesús María Casal of having set a trap for them, because none of this would have happened to Cori if the Primary Commission had established the regulations for the succession if a disabled person was crowned. Diosdadoooo Joséeeeeee, are you now going to realize that the primary, from day one, was designed to favor Cori and her departure?

Well my Furrialeño mango jelly, Listen to me, Cori's new song will be “They Can't Make Choices Without Me”. For the next few days, the incoherence will make her look like a candidate running from outside and not in Venezuela. I honestly don't know who recommended holding small demonstrations abroad when we know that her events in Caracas are not very well attended. Carlos Blanco and Pedro Urruchurtu continue to operate the strategy for alliances and support from the international community. Gordis, I am very scared when they count the countries that speak out, that reminds me of Guaidó and the support of the 69 countries, I don't know why Cori doesn't learn from mistakes.

As always, I feel like in the movie Lady and the Wanderer, I'm a princess and you're a crab. Miss me, remember that you are my baby Fiufiu.
I will keep writing to you...

Mazo News Team