Death toll from fires in Valparaiso rises to 112, Chilean government reports

Forest fires began last Friday in different parts of the Valparaiso region

Published at: 05/02/2024 11:22 AM

This Sunday, the Chilean Government reported that at least 112 people died in the fires that devastate thousands of hectares in the Valparaiso region, in the central area of the South American country, in the middle of the southern summer.

In this regard, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, provided a balance sheet to the media in which he updated the figures related to the worst emergency that Chile has faced in recent years, since the earthquake of 2010.

The authority noted that among the fatalities, 38 autopsies have been carried out at the Legal Medical Service (SML) and 32 bodies have been identified, of which 10 are ready to be delivered.

Monsalve said, in turn, that the largest number of victims is concentrated in the city of Viña del Mar, the tourist capital of the coastal region, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Since last Friday, the inhabitants of Viña del Mar have suffered the destruction of more than 12,000 homes, according to preliminary data, in addition to the disaster caused by flames in three other municipalities in the region.

Forest fires began last Friday in different parts of the Valparaiso region and progressed rapidly from inland towns to coastal hills, due to winds and high temperatures.

The Executive has focused on lifting the bodies of the victims, as well as treating the injured and investigating the origin of the fires, which are presumed to have been intentional.

Mazo News Team