Published at: 28/03/2024 01:44 PM

The right-wing communicator, Daniel Lara, sang them to María Corina Machado during an internet broadcast of his program Out of Order, since after so many destabilizing attempts, she did not even register for the 2024 presidential elections, as was foreseeable because she was disqualified.

“Do you even remember when they promoted something called humanitarian intervention? Suddenly, like a child becoming an adolescent, Mrs. María Corina Machado appears to demand primary elections to choose a leadership in the opposition and what they did was defraud people,” he said.

Likewise, Lara Farías stressed that at first Machado had said that she wanted to be the leader of the opposition, but not a candidate, then “she decided that they were going to hold the primaries, and there the lady appeared shaking her arms and saying that the fight was going to be until the end”.

“If Mrs. Machado has one thing to recognize, it's her immense talent for creating slogans, I think that's the only good thing she does,” said the communicator.

On the other hand, she questioned the distrust of the National Electoral Council (CNE) that María Corina claims to have in her: “But mija, if you trust the CNE for the primaries, how do you intend to be elected presidential candidate?”

Mazo News Team