Commander Chávez: The LOTTT is the product of a long process of struggles and battles

Published at: 01/05/2024 11:22 PM

On April 30, 2012, the Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution , Hugo Chávez Frías, emphasized that the Organic Law on Labor, Workers and Women Workers (LOTTT) was the product of a long process of struggle and battles fought by the dignified working class that was now being vindicated.

“I could say colleagues, workers and workers that this Law that I am going to sign today is, without a doubt, a product of that long process of struggles and battles, but also of that process that it is necessary to continue giving internal cleansing of the Socialist Revolution, of the Bolivarian Revolution that must continue to heal, strengthening its conscience, truly moving towards the construction of Socialism,” said the Commander from the Miraflores Palace, who signed the Law before leaving for Havana.

He also highlighted that the LOTTT contained great achievements for the workers of the Homeland. “This is a liberating law, a just law, now the fight will come to make it happen,” he stressed.

Mazo News Team