Cilia Flores: I know that Nicolás will take the Homeland to a safe haven and will not be lost

Mobilization for the registration of President Maduro with the CNE
Presidential Press Photo

Published at: 25/03/2024 04:40 PM

This Monday, March 25, the first fighter, Cilia Flores, reaffirmed her support and trust in President Nicolás Maduro, “to bring this country to a safe haven; I know that with Nicolás this country is not lost and that we are going to move towards prosperity”.

“This town can be fully assured that, just like Nicolás Maduro and myself, we were always loyal to (Commander Hugo) Chávez on his way, because today Nicolás, with the legacy of Chávez, is still on the road and I am still with Nicolás and I will always be by his side, accompanying and supporting him,” Flores said from the spaces of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

In that regard, he stressed that, just as the Head of State knows the People, the People know the Head of State. “The People know Nicolás Maduro for his works, for his deeds, for his fruits (...) And they know that he has always been there protecting the People (...) this People know that in the face of the evil of these people of surnames, of the oligarchy, we always had a protective President who was on the side of the People,” he said.

He reiterated his trust in President Nicolás Maduro and highlighted the support of the People in these years to come. “ You will not be alone and as a wife I will be by your side, supporting all the women of the Homeland, the children, the boys, the girls, the grandparents, the grandmothers, we will also be with the people defending our dignity.”

He also stressed that today the Peoples of the world admire Venezuela, “for its firmness, because it has not buckled and it has remained united; and so we will remain President, we will remain united defending our Homeland, our independence and our sovereignty.”

Mazo News Team