Chávez undefeated: This Revolution is not being taken away by anything or anyone!

Published at: 17/04/2024 11:08 PM

On commemorating the nine-year anniversary of the triumph of popular power on April 13, 2002, Commander Hugo Chávez, from the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, assured that the “Revolution should not be overthrown” neither the sifrins nor imperialism nor the bourgeoisie nor anything or anyone”.

Regarding the events of April 2002, the Commander pointed out that “in addition to the day of the Revolution, of the Great Revolution of April 13, we are also commemorating as part of this glorious and heroic day the day of the Bolivarian National Militia”.

In this regard, he specified that “national defense, the defense of national sovereignty is the responsibility of all people, the Armed Forces are the foundational, pulsating nucleus of military power, but the military power of the nation is all the people willing to defend sovereignty, the national independence that it has taken so hard to recover after so many years”.

The leader called on the right not to make mistakes with the people of Venezuela, because they are prepared “to withhold any attempt to destabilize the people and the Armed Forces, the People, their militias, their Army, their Navy , its Aviation, its National Guard”.

Mazo News Team