Chávez Undefeated: Eagles don't fly hunting, eagles fly

Published at: 03/04/2024 10:47 PM

On August 4, 2004, Commander Hugo Chávez emphasized that revolutionaries are like eagles because they don't hunt flies because their consciousness is much higher in all areas.

“It came to my mind: Eagles don't hunt flies, eagles fly and fly, we don't walk like flies in their excrement, eagles walk on heights and on the heights of morality, ethics and dignity and we are like eagles, like falcons, not like flies, not like snakes,” said Chávez from Bolívar Avenue in Caracas.

He stressed that the strategy of the revolutionaries has been perfect in every battle in the face of imperial attacks and their lackeys.

“A strategy of endurance, of resistance with a lot of flexibility like bamboo,” he stressed.

Mazo News Team