Cat bag! Learn about the fights and conspiracies behind María ConIra's act at Zulia

Maria Conira Machado
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Published at: 01/05/2024 09:47 PM

Wednesday, May 01, 2024.

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriot Patricio the Maracucho.

What was Diosdado? How are you my dear brother? Look cousin, happy labor day to you and to all the people of Mazo, especially to you because you work harder than traffic lights.

Diosdado sees, I'm happier than a dog with two tails, that increase made by my president Nicolás Maduro will help me win back your friend the siphrin, brother I'm happy because I do know the president's efforts to take these measures, sometimes we have to remind our brothers that they left us drier than a mummy's armpit, without income, with nothing.

Well cousin, let's get to the point, but not to the pimples that Guaidó has on his face, don't be misjudged.

Diosdado, I couldn't go up to Caracas because Sayo asked me for support for their event tomorrow, Thursday, here in Zulia, and well, we've been working on that. I have several atomic bombs for you.

Primo, there is a triverguero caught between Gustavo Ruiz (Head of Vente Zulia) and Juan Pablo Guanipa, alias “Tequeño Cruo” for the control of María Corina's act tomorrow on 72nd Street and Bella Vista. Diosdado, as I had already informed you, Juan Pablo Guanipa wants to stay with Vente in Zulia because he aspires to be governor, but Gustavo Ruiz also aspires to the same.

Tequeño Cruo told La Sayo that Gustavo Ruiz doesn't move people, that if Gustavo Ruiz calls for a political rally inside a Chevette he has plenty of seats in the car. Tequeño Cruo asked Sayo to let him take charge of the event on 72nd Street because he did have the capacity to fill the street with the workers of the Maracaibo mayor's office, but those are pure lies of Tequeño Cruo because the current mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez alias “Yogi Bear” is about to leave for A New Time and he doesn't want to know anything about the Guanipa brothers because they are very corrupt and they like copper a lot.

Gustavo Ruiz, in order not to get fucked up with Tequeño Cruo, asked for some covers for him to mobilize separately. The cobres finally arrived but he doesn't have anyone, he's like crazy paying up to $50 per person to attend tomorrow's event, but until now that I'm writing to you, Gustavo Ruiz has not been able to meet the mobilization goal.

Diosdado, Manuel Rosales alias “The Philosopher of Zulia” also has a tri-verguero on fire because they are demanding that he mobilize people for tomorrow's event. Rosales doesn't want to, but the United States ambassador, Francisco Palma de Coco, is pressuring him, so we don't know yet how this will turn out. Remember that the last time Sayo came to Zulia it was a total failure, she challenged Rosales at that time and they didn't even get the hang of it, but this time the scenario is different and the pressure is great. Brother, I'll be there to tell you the details, but Manuel Rosales would be a very shameless and masochistic scoundrel if he lets himself be kissed by La Sayo after the lynching he did on social networks with his more than fifty thousand bot accounts and journalists paid by ExxonMobil, the poor man carried more sticks than a piper drum and a jealous thieving cat.

Diosdado, La Sayo told Juan Pablo Guanipa that if they didn't assure her that Manuel Rosales was going to send his people and fill the street, she preferred to suspend her tour once again, and she also told her friend Nora Bracho. La Sayo says that Rosales must recognize her as the leader and sole leader of the opposition. Brother, buy yourself some glasses and let's wait for tomorrow's film, poor philosopher.

Diosdado una ñapita, you know that La Sayo spoke on Sunday with Edmundo González Urrutia alias “Chespirito” and asked him to radicalize his speech because he has a very moderate narrative and that this harmed her. He also asked him to confront the government more and stop offering amnesty to the leaders of Chavism because it causes them to lose strength on social networks. La Sayo also asked Edmundo to name her more in the interviews, to remember that she is the main image of the election campaign and not him.

Well brother I'm leaving you because I committed myself to Gustavo Ruiz to mobilize a bus for him in the Venancio Pulgar parish behind Sambil. There is a lot of nervousness because at this time everything is very dented, La Sayo just asked me to activate the plan to move people from other municipalities or nearby states, if necessary.

Diosdado Mama tells you that she filled out all the 1x10 mobilization forms you left them to vote for Maduro on July 28, that you come and get those and please bring her more because a lot of people want to vote for Super Mustache. The boys send you their greetings and say that they love you very much, don't forget about them.

Brother so you know, I love you more than a tail brush with milk with plenty of condensed milk at about 2 in the afternoon in Maracaibo. What I love you is dick cousin.