The PSUV mobilized this Monday to register Nicolás Maduro with the CNE
Photo: @Gestionperfecta

Published at: 25/03/2024 01:40 PM

All Venezuelans who love this country went out this Monday to march to accompany the registration, before the National Electoral Council (CNE), of the presidential candidacy, by the PSUV, of Nicolás Maduro.

“Today is a historic, victorious day, the Bolivarian Fury came from all corners of Venezuela to come to our capital. We are joy, we are peace, we are not violence. They (the right) don't have a people and that's why they use tricks to come out and generate violence,” said Meléndez.

In addition, the burgomaster called on the People to remain united to face the violent plans of the right and ensure a great victory on July 28.

In the same way, he assured that to accompany Maduro's candidacy is to comply with the instruction given by the Supreme and Eternal Commander, Hugo Chávez, to support the “driver of victories”.

He also assured that the country's social intelligence will remain deployed throughout the country to ensure peace throughout our territory.

Mazo News Team