Caracas City Council verifies self-construction proposals for 60 communes

García said that in the coming days, materials will be delivered for projects in each of these communities.
CMC Press

Published at: 15/03/2024 06:26 PM

Within the framework of the Territorial Action Plan (ACA), the Permanent Commission on Infrastructure and Urbanism of the Municipal Council of Caracas (CMC) deployed at least 20 parishes in Caracas, in order to verify the proposals for Infrastructure and Services projects in 60 communes of the Bolivarian Libertador municipality.

Jesús García, president of the Permanent Commission on Infrastructure and Urbanism of the CMC, explained that after two years of operation of this unit, the number of projects has increased, in addition to the repairs of mini fields and other types of priority urban interventions.

García explained that for this year 2024, each of these projects comes from the planning of each Community Council, of each Commune, through the implementation of the Concrete Agenda of Action; “from the consultations that the People's Power makes in the different citizen's assemblies to define their priorities and, consequently, present them to us with the territorial teams we have,” he said.

The councilor stressed that they continue to check each of the projects in their different modalities, including: lighting, road repair; torrent repairs; ravine packing, wall and façade repairs, among others.

“These are countless projects that we are carrying out with our technical team, always accompanied by the People's Power, which also has experience in infrastructure,” said the spokesman.

Self-construction projects for two months

García said that in the coming days, materials will be delivered to each of these communities, so that they can carry out their works through self-construction, so that in the next two months, they will be ready for inauguration, thanks to the support of President Nicolás Maduro and the vital support of the mayor of the Bolivarian Libertador municipality of Caracas, Carmen Teresa Meléndez Rivas.

The Councilman pointed out that among the areas visited in Caracas are: Catia, La Pastora, January 23, San Juan, Altagracia, San José, El Recreo, La Candelaria, San Bernardino, Santa Rosalía, El Valle, Coche, Macarao, La Vega, Caricuao, Antímano, San Agustín, El Junquito and the San Pedro parish.

He specified that almost all the works that will be carried out are located in the most popular areas of the parishes, “that is, they are in the neighborhood inside the catacombs, where there is the greatest vulnerability, but it is a town with every will to carry out these works to improve their quality of life,” he said.

He added that these communes will carry out a process of information meetings and consultations to promote the participation of their inhabitants in each of the projects, hand in hand with the Infrastructure Commission for the loading of other projects into the Sinco System, which is being carried out by the Federal Government Council.

Finally, he pointed out that the inspections are being carried out to define the progress in the work that will be carried out in each of the territories,.

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