Cabello to longlinesman Lara Farías: Would you like to have only one on your team like those who work on the Mazo!

“Mess with me, don't mess with them,” Cabello said
Con El Mazo Dando

Published at: 18/04/2024 12:09 AM

The longliners who live abroad, in particular Daniel Lara Farías, would like to have only one such as those who work on the news team of the Con El Mazo Dando program, said the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV ), Diosdado Cabello Rondón.

“Mira Pajarraco (Lara Farías) I wish you had only one on your team, like some of those who work at El Mazo,” he emphasized.

Faced with the longliner's comment, the Bolivarian leader said: “Mess with me, don't mess with them. I'm the one on the screen, they're not. Don't mess with them, bully.

Cabello, in a joking tone, considered that something happens to the mood in the group of palagristas on Tuesday nights, when he posts the invitation for El Mazo on his account on the social network X, and by Wednesday he is nervous about possible information that links them to something.

“Those bugs are starting to beat, their hearts,” he ironized, in his Con El Mazo Dando program, broadcast number 472.

He stressed that all of them failed in the country in their journalistic work on television. “Who sees that over there? No one, they all failed. Miguel Angel Rodríguez was the pirate of television in Venezuela. He leaves and they see it because I put it in the Mazo, the stupid things he says,” he said.

He confirmed that the Mazo does not bill anything they pay to the group of longliners who live abroad and are waiting to be mentioned in space.

“The Deck doesn't bill anything, but they do. To the extent that the Deck takes them out, they bill. That's why they appoint me so that I can take them out here,” he said.

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