Cabello: Ecuador's assault on the Mexican embassy is not an unprecedented event because there are precedents

“Remember that our Embassy in the United States was invaded,” said Cabello
Con El Mazo Dando

Published at: 17/04/2024 09:07 PM

This Wednesday, April 17, Diosdado Cabello Rondón, referring to Ecuador's assault on the Mexican embassy, assured that there are precedents of assaults on embassies in several countries, therefore, what happened in the Ecuadorian nation, “is not an unprecedented event.”

In that regard, he recalled that former drug trafficker President Álvaro Uribe militarily invaded Ecuador. “Remember that and remember that our embassy in the United States was invaded,” he said.

Ecuador itself allowed forces to enter its embassy in London to take Julian Assange,” recalled the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), during his Con El Mazo Dando program, in broadcast 472.

He warned that “people are getting used to these events” and indicated that “if it were here, if Venezuela did it, we had the OAS, the Justice League and the Suicide Squad next to us, they would all be chasing us.”

Cabello emphasized that in the face of this illegal action by the Ecuadorian president, Daniel Noboa, “he is placing his country, as an outlaw country, a criminal, but he says he is doing the right thing.”

“It's fascism when it rules,” he said.

Mazo News Team