Boycott Rosales and abstention! María Corina's plan with her friend Magalli Meda

La Sayo is preparing to call for electoral abstention

Published at: 07/02/2024 09:44 PM

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Maracaibo, Santa Lucia sector, diagonal to Pa' Que Luis, in the red house with white bars that has the eyes of Chávez and a sign of Maduro.

Patriota Patricio the Maracucho

Look at Diosdado, excuse me for writing to you again at this time in the morning, but I'm worried about the future of Vente, if Sayo calls for abstention again I'll have to go with Rosales, who are good people and also pay well. Here in Maracaibo it's almost 3:00am, I'm leaving Cecilio Acosta's street of hunger. Brother, I just sent myself three super special patacones with a liter and a half soda, better than sucking your fingers so you know.

Diosdado put your seat belt on. Look brother, you have to admit that I was the first to let you know when Sayo was smoking a cigarette with Magalli and in that conversation María Corina told her that she was the one chosen to replace her over Delsa, Cecilia Arocha, Caleca and all those vultures that are guarding the position of Sayo rather than Zamuro looking for meat.

Mysteriously, there is a twist in the strategy. Diosdado, although the order is not to talk about substitution, Sayo asked to let the gossip spread about Magalli's position as the chosen one. Cousin, they sent her to the hairdresser and gave her opinion, but don't believe her, it's a trap. My dear God, take note, see that I am giving you the answers to the exam so that you don't scratch brother.

First: La Sayo, positioning Magalli, wants to play a position ahead of Manuel Rosales, since the Governor of Zulia is emerging as the presidential candidate who until today has the support of the heaviest sectors of the PUD and an important sector of pragmatic gringos.

Second: La Sayo confessed to me, Patrick called me, which is when she is in trust. She told me that her strategy of naming Magalli is not what many believe, that it is not simply because she is his trusted wife, but that she, María Corina, is aware that Magalli is vulnerable because she is involved in the fraud of the primary election results and involved in the dark funding of SÚMATE, and that the government could judge her at any time, then her golden opportunity would come. Sayo's theory is that, if the Public Ministry blames Magalli, then Sayo will have solid arguments to call for electoral abstention and say that the presidential elections are illegitimate. Take note and then don't say I didn't tell you.

Diosdado, something else. I was there when Sayo read that Bloomberg's little gringo newspaper, I really don't know how to pronounce it, the truth is that she got hysterical about the fact that the United States cares about the elections and not the candidate. Look cousin, Sayo became very angry, as always, I was scared to see María Corina so demonized and I began to cry out the blood of Christ because you know Diosdado that I was raised in the evangelical church and there my pastors taught me to rebuke demons.

Diosdado, I have another bomb for you, Patrick is now international. I am fine-tuning some new contacts that are very close to the US ambassador Francisco Palma de Coco, in due course I will tell you who he is, in the meantime I tell you that Palma de Coco is tired of María Corina's complaints. La Sayo complains more than a pig truck, she complained about what J. Juan Sebastián said, she complained that Rosales is revolting the Unitary Platform, and the Governor of Barinas complained about Garrido. Palma de Coco confessed via signal to a friend of mine, a super opposition politician, that she can't stand her anymore.

Palma de Coco also told my friend that María Corina is not going to dance and that the United States needs Venezuela to continue selling her oil and gas, which is why she is interested in making quick elections and closing this chapter. In addition, Palma de Coco confessed that he found it very difficult for the opposition to win the presidential elections since Chavism is more organized and the opposition remains very divided.

Well brother, mom says that you have forgotten her very much, that you don't even call her anymore. I told him to calm down because you are very busy mounting the presidential campaign against Maduro and organizing the PSUV machinery across the country to guarantee victory. Diosdado, mom tells you that after the elections you come and visit her here in Maracaibo, because she's going to prepare the coconut goat that you like so much with guarapo de Panela. The thing about your friend the Sifrina got serious, cousin I have it in the freezer and I'm researching it, they gave me the fact that a Chavista likes it later I'll tell you. As always, don't tell anyone, see that I trust you more than Zorro in Bernardo.

Well brother, I love you more than a tamarind brush with half a jar of condensed milk. You take care of me Diosdado.