Bolivarian Government rehabilitates Comprehensive Care Center for People with Autism in Yaracuy

The headquarters is located in the town of Cocorote
Courtesy Internet

Published at: 14/04/2024 05:38 PM

The Bolivarian Government began the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Comprehensive Care Center for People with Autism (CAIPA), located in the Water Supply sector in the city of San Felipe in the state of Yaracuy.

Through a press release from the regional government, it became known that the work is aimed at replacing the roofs of the three modules, painting all internal and external areas of the institution and repairing doors, windows, bathrooms and all the infrastructure in general. Electricity work is also carried out and the water distribution system is verified to be working properly.

The work was approved during a day of Street Government and was requested by the population to the 1×10 system of Good Governance.

Mazo News Team