A day of consultation, debate and elaboration of the 7 Transformations 2024-2030 is installed in Caracas

Pedro Infante, first vice-president of the National Assembly

Published at: 29/01/2024 05:38 PM

As instructed by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, this Monday, in Caracas, the “great day of consultation, debate and elaboration” of the parameters and drafting of the 7 Transformations (Q7) began, with a view to the path of prosperity and growth for Venezuela in the coming years.

Pedro Infante, first vice-president of the National Assembly, during his speech at the opening ceremony of this day, proposed that on February 1, all communes and communal councils be consulted in an assembly to hear from their spokespersons on this national project.

“We will hold this meeting on February 1st with the commitment to allocate 80% of the time of this activity to listening to the people, on that question regarding how they see politics today, in all its forms, let's not put uniforms to those organizational forms and that is why the People propose how they draw, dream, hope, prosperity the future 2024-2030 that we are going to build collectively,” he said.

It should be noted that in this context, President Nicolás Maduro proposed the date of February 22, as a deadline for the submission of the 70 concrete proposals of the social group.

Mazo News Team