10,000 women have been killed in Gaza, according to UN data

The agency considered that the war in Gaza has been against women
Photo: Internet

Published at: 17/04/2024 11:04 AM

This Tuesday, the United Nations (UN) specified that in the six months of genocide in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, more than 10,000 women were killed by Zionist forces in Israel.

“These six months of war in Gaza have claimed the lives of more than 10,000 women, including about 6,000 mothers, who leave 19,000 children orphaned,” the report said,

It also specifies that women who have survived Israeli bombings and military operations on the ground have been widowed, live as displaced persons and are now facing starvation.

The organization recognized that “this differentiated impact of the war on Palestinian women continues to make the war against Gaza a war also against women”.

Mazo News Team