Massive support! Viva Venezuela registration continues throughout the country

Cultivators of the country
VTV photo

Published at: 14/04/2024 04:18 PM

With joy and a massive turnout of cultivators, the registration of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela mi Patria Querida continues with great success in all Bolivar squares in the country.

This was highlighted by the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, through the social network X, in which he showed images, videos and testimonies of Venezuelans who come to give their names and show their talent.

Mrs. Chepita, an artisan, makes hats with cambur leaves. The Great Mission Viva Venezuela, My Beloved Homeland, went to search her home in the Tulio Febres Cordero municipality, Mérida state,” she wrote.

He also recognized the artist and older adult with visual impairment, Freddy Torres García, who played his Venezuelan guitar and sang with emotion, after being registered by the Gran Misión Viva Venezuela, Mi Patria Querida, in the Las Virtudes sector, Tulio Febres Cordero municipality of Mérida.

The Great Living Venezuela Mission, My Beloved Homeland, was also transferred to the Wepiappaa indigenous community, in Barinas state, to register its popular cultural exponents. At the same time, he showed a photographic record of artists from Yaracuy state who have motor mobility limitations, this Saturday, April 13, 2024, in the San Javier parish and the El Guarataro hamlet.

He also reported the registration of the “Circle of Silver Threads Grandmothers”, who call themselves Grandmothers in Movement for Traditions, of the town of Valle Verde in the García Municipality, Nueva Esparta state.

Let's remember that the registration days of the Great Mission Viva Venezuela, My Beloved Homeland, will run until April 20, throughout Venezuela.

VTV/Mazo News Team