Bolivarian Government delivered proteins to communities in Nueva Esparta

The month of April began with the execution of the Sovereign Field Fairs
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Published at: 14/04/2024 01:53 PM

Through the days organized by the General Staff of Food (EMA), the Ministry of Popular Power for Food guaranteed the attention of 53 communities distributed in the municipalities of García, Gómez, Díaz, Mariño and Villalba in the state of Nueva Esparta.

According to information from Venezolana de Televisión, animal protein combos were delivered during the day to 17,316 Neo-Spartan households, in coordination with the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP).

The month of April began with the execution of the Sovereign Field Fairs, with the participation of the green troop of the National Institute of Nutrition (INN), with assistance in attention to the Eat 4S (Healthy, Tasty, Safe and Sovereign) campaign focused on the decolonization of unhealthy consumption patterns imposed by large transnational corporations in the food industry.

The merchants Mercal, Dinesa and Pdval also acted, the latter offering various items in the basket at solidarity prices in the program “The winery goes to your house.

Entrepreneurs and agricultural producers accompanied these actions aimed at guaranteeing the sacred right to food, which also contribute to minimizing the impact of unilateral coercive measures on Neo-Spartan families.

VTV/Mazo News Team